Upoznavanje prirode

Are you certified an autonomous canyoneer or Canyoneer level 3 and keen on photography, Videography?

Do you wish to combine sports, leisure and photography, Videography?

Do you aim at becoming a Professional?

Don’t hesitate any longer, join us into the imaging world and start the ICTC/CAPH.

You will be trained by an Instructor specialized in Photography, Videography, INPHVI Minimum. You will get certified at the end of the course as Professional Canyoneer Photographer. (Videography Optional by online course).

Duration & Organization:
8 days:

  • Pre-training course e-learning :    3 days
  • Canyoneer Photographer  :    5 days


  • Be autonomous in rope rigging and canyon progression;
  • Have successfully completed CAPH E-learning: pre-training course;
  • Be in good mental and physical condition;
  • Swimming: 50m and running: 1km;
  • Medical certificate issued less than three months prior to the training course, testifying that the trainee is physically and mentally fit for canyoning activities;
  • Ownership of Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) or similar camera coupled with mid-range zoom lens (wide-to-tele preferred)
  • Ownership of waterproof dry bags and/or cover (i.e. Outex, DICAPAC). Diving housings are not suitable for the course. For more information on this pre-requisite, please contact the course examiner.
  • Ownership of canyoning-specific gear, such as harness with CA3 standard equipment, such as carabiners, descender, hand & chest ascender + Pyrenean Cow’s Tail + canyoning shoes + helmet (candidate must inform course organizer if unable to provide any of these items);
  • Ownership of personal computer, preferably equipped with software specific for photo editing (i.e. Adobe Lightroom / Adobe Bridge + Camera Raw, etc.)
  • Basic photography knowledge is desirable but not obligatory
  • Pass successfully the “Test of set-up” according to ICOpro standards (no Security Fatal Error – SFE) within a time equal or inferior to 1.5 times of the Trainer’s time.
  •  Setting up a retrievable hand line without intermediate point (<8m), set up a Fixed system rappel (not-releasable) on single rope with the rope length set to the ground level, rappel and retrieve the rope from below.

             !!! The candidate will not attend the training if the test is not successful and no refunds will be given !!!

  •  Pass successfully the « ICOpro test of set-up & conversion » on single rope free technique in a time less than or equal to 1.5 times of the Trainer’s time:
  • Set-up fixed hand line with intermediate point (<4m), set-up fixed (non-releasable) rappel with rope set >1m above the ground, knot at the end, descend, convert to ascent, ascend and clean both rappel line and hand line from the top.

             !!! The candidate will not attend the training if the test is not successful and no refunds will be given !!! 

  • Identify their individual camera’s controls & menu settings and make the following adjustments according to the examiner’s request:
  • Shutter speed, aperture and ISO controls
  • White balance control
  • Image format and resolution (JPEG, RAW, Large, Medium, etc…)
  • Video frame size and frame rate
  • Autofocus modes
  • Metering modes

             !!! The candidate will not attend the training if the test is not successful and no refunds will be given !!!

Both ICOpro and the course examiner are not responsible for any damage or failure of photographic equipment owned by the candidate during the course development.

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