Autonomous Canyoneer

Acoommodation and meals

Autonomous Canyoneer

The autonomous canyoning course is the perfect start to launch you in this activity. It will give you all the knowledge necessary, to be able to explore all the moderate risk canyons in the world (V3 A3 II).

The objective of this program is that your able to organise a canyon trip of moderate risk and to independently progress in these canyons while ensuring the safety of your teammates and yourself. It will boost your problem-solving ability and to tackle unexpected problems during canyoning. From dealing with the weather to launch a rescue in a canyon.

When: 5/06 – 13/06 2023

Price Training Course: 950€
Price Full Package: 1350€

Book now

  • Course: 850€(100 euro discount)
  • Accommodation: 250€
  • Breakfast: 60€
  •  3 course dinner (local cuisine): 190€

Included services

  • Collective and individual equipment
  • Pick up from airport (Podgorica or Tivat)
  • Transport to canyons
  • Coffee and snacks during class
  • Online courses + autonomous canyoneer’s manual (digital version)
  • Topo guide of local canyons
  • Insurance
  • Fireplace and beer 😉

Not included services

  • Lunch during the day
  • Travel expenses to Montenegro
  • Drinks during dinner

Full package is advised for your own comfort and time saving. Contact us for more details

brief description of a “moderate risk canyon” follows:

It must have simple escape routes that do not necessitate the use of protection or progression equipment, as well as no dangerous variations in water flow. Verticals in the canyon should not exceed 30m, and swims should be no more than 30m. Aquatic features should be low that don’t create dangerous water movements. The total duration of the trip should not exceed 4 hours, allowing for flexibility in the event of an emergency or unforeseen event.

With a maximum of 6 trainees, you will be offered an 8/10-day course. This course is broken down into pre-training days (free online courses), 8/9 days of practice (indoors, on cliffs, rivers, and canyons), divided into 4 modules, and 1 day of customized “Clinic.”


Online course

General knowledge

  • basics of canyoning
  • importance of hydrology, weather and geology
  • preparation of a tour
  • optimize safety
Module 1

preparation for trip – vertical progression

  • preparation for outing
  • adjustment personal equipment
  • knots
  • physics (fall factor, ….
  • rope progression (on cliff)
module 2

whitewater and rescue

  • Understand hydraulic principles to detect dangerous water movement and to make the correct
  • How to move in swift water
  • How to rescue and assist one
module 3

equipment and escape

  • Master techniques on rope (in canyon)
  • How to jump and slide
  • How to equip a canyon
  • How to escape
module 4

Improvement and clinic

  • Master your techniques
  • Optimize decision-making ability
  • How to work in a team
  • rescue on rope
  • Demonstrate your new abilities by progressing independently during a canyon descent while ensuring the safety of your teammates and yourself (3.3.III)


  • Age of minimum 18
  • Have completed e-learning pre-training course.
  • Be in good mental and physical condition.
  • Swimming ability 50m and running 500m.
  • Medical certificate issued less than three months prior to the training course, testifying that the trainee is physically and mentally fit for canyoning activities.

Details course

  • Maximum number of trainees: 6
  • When: 05/06 -13/06 june 2023
  • Duration: 3 days e-learning + 9 days in training
  • Material provided:
    • 2-piece neoprene wetsuits (5mm)
    • 2-piece neoprene wetsuits (5mm)
    • 2mm lycra/neoprene t-shirt
    • canyon anti-slip SHOES (from 35 to 48)
    • neoprene socks (5mm)
    • helmet
    • canyon harness with double lanyards
    • Pyrana canyon descender on “car” carabiner -lock”
    • complete rope ascent equipment
    • equipment carabiners
    • waterproof bags…
  • educational material provided
    • E-learning
    • References and powerpoints
    • Autonomous canyoneer manual (500 pages)
  • Material to provide
    • E-learning
    • o Swimsuit and change of clothes
    • If necessary: attach glasses
    • Long hair attached
    • Energy bars, drink bottle, …

Accommodation, breakfast and dinner

Our facility It’s in the small village of Žukovica. It has a small population of about ten people and is located away from the crowd. The hotel is located high up the mountain, facing the Adriatic Sea, providing a breath-taking view from your room. We have several rooms, each with its own bathroom. There is also a public kitchen available for cooking, as well as a fireplace with the necessary BBQ if needed.

In the village, you can also meet the locals and taste their home-made wine and Rakia (local Liquor), and there is a local restaurant where you can dine. It’s a little higher in the village, so the view is even better than from your room. The dinner is entirely homemade and consists of three courses.


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