Canyoning Training Courses

Canyoneering is an exciting and challenging adventure sport that combines hiking, climbing, and swimming through canyons and gorges. The experience of exploring the natural beauty and power of these environments is truly exhilarating and will change the way you see the world.

Join us and discover the possibilities you can have with canyoning: challenge bigger canyons without a guide, explore unknown territory or maybe even an outdoor professional career.

Our center with U.C.A. label (Universal Canyon Academy):

Training courses are given in our center since 2017 by many international trainers. The center is located in Žukovica and is at 360m high with a beautiful scenery of the Adriatic Sea. All canyons are located max 30min from our center and transport will be provided if needed. At our place we can offer you accommodation with fireplace and the possibility to eat in our local village. During your training course you will be provided with all the technical gear and digital version of your course (online course, manuals).

Many international trainers have been providing training courses in our center since 2017. The center is in Žukovica and is 360 meters high, with a beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea. All canyons are no more than 30 minutes from our center, and transportation will be provided if necessary. We can provide you with lodging with a fireplace and option for BBQ as well as the option of dining in our village. During your training course, you will be given all of the necessary technical equipment as well as a digital copy of your course (online course, manuals).

Our Trainer(s)

Louis Rogissart is a certified UCA trainer who began canyoning in 2015. After a year, he began his professional career as a guide and travelled the world. From the mountains of Europe to Canada and the United States. In 2022, he had the incredible opportunity to join the Himalayan canyon team for

an adventure in Nepal. The start of his exploration career. Montenegro is his regular home and love. With canyoning, he discovered his greatest passion: working with people. Now he wants to share his passion and advance his professional career: Teaching