Julien fichot


Assistant Instructor & Photographer

French born and traveller by nature, Julien used to work in the digital marketing industry and, before long, felt the need to connect back to nature and people. Having practiced many outdoor sports as a kid, canyoning felt like a good blend between air, water and ground elements that he had experienced in the past.

Since 2017, he has travelled the world (Europe, Indonesia, New-Zealand) to improve his canyoning skills, and has gained experience working as freelance photographer and videographer in canyons.

This year, it’s in the beautiful adventure country of Montenegro that Julien is willing to share his passion for canyoning with outdoors enthusiasts seeking adrenaline in gorgeous environments!
Good times, fun, jokes, thrill, professionalism is what you’ll find with him because this is how we do it at AdriaTrek!

Contact Info

Phone : +382 69 67 89 52
Email : adriatrek.canyon@gmail.com